Z - Delite S

Z-Delite S

Key Features

  • Bidirectional LIS Connectivity
  • 60 Direct Access Keys to perform- Clinical chemistry, Coagulation PT and APTT and Immunoturbidimetric tests all in ONE
  • Specially Designed 9+1 Filter Optical System
  • Voice guided support for End user
  • Large 7" TFT Colour Display
  • HbA1c Testing
  • Low Reagent Consumption
  • Online Reaction Graph, Quality Control L-J Graph, Westgard QC Rules
  • Data backup Patient Results
  • Data Entry with Keyboard and mouse

Diabetes Management

Z-Hb Confirm

Key Features

  • GOLD Standard HPLC Technology
  • Hb Confirm HbA1c Analyzer has reagent pack of 200 test box – 4 box and one column does 800 test
  • High resolution Touch Screen
  • HbA1c, HbF, eAG result is given by the system for each sample
  • Variant window is available to reflect if any other type is available
  • Sample Rack with 10 position. Cap piercer for Closed tube Sampling
  • Storage 4000 samples with chromatogram results
  • Whole Blood 4ul, Prediluted 500ul
  • Degasser module
  • Dual Filter 415nm,500nm Optical method for High Precision results



Key Features

  • 3-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer
  • 10.4-inch TFT touch screen, Humanized interface, easy operation
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour; Min. Sample volume 9ul
  • 21 Parameters with 3 Histograms
  • Internal Lyse Position
  • Excellent repeatability and wide range
  • Built-in Thermal Printer, External Printer supported


Key Features

  • 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour; Sample Volume: 15 ul
  • Reagents: Diluent, Lyse-1, Lyse -2 , Probe Cleanser
  • Impedance Method for RBC & PLT Counting, Cyanide free reagent for haemoglobin test, Flow cytometry + Tri-angle laser scatter method for WBC 5-part differential analysis & WBC Counting 25 reportable parameters, 4 research parameters, 3 histograms, 3 DIFF scattergrams & 1 BASO scattergram
  • External laser/inkjet printer

Z-GEM 5+

Key Features

  • Fully Automated 5-Part Hematology Analyzer with Autoloader
  • Throughput: 80 samples/hour, Sample volume: ≤20 ul
  • Inbuilt Barcode Reader ,Sample Mixer and Cap Piercer
  • 25 report parameters, 4 research parameters, 3D scattergram, 3 2D scattergrams & 3 histograms
  • 3-angle semi-conductor laser scatter, flow cytometry (WBC diff), impedance method (WBC/RBC/PLT), Cyanide Free (HGB)
  • Expanded Linearity


Key Features

  • Fully Automated 5 Part Hematology Analyzer with Retic and Autoloader
  • Laser light multi-dimensional cell classification
  • Resistant RBC mode
  • WIC and WOC for WBC counting
  • Up to 60 samples per hour throughput
  • WBC 5-part diff with sheath reagent only
  • Supports both whole blood and capillary blood samples

Electrolyte Analyzer


Key Features

  • Automatic Sampling, Probe Wiping and Calibration
  • Intelligent re-agent pack with electronic chip
  • Extremely low cost per test
  • High precision pump with more durable tuning
  • Z-Elite Pro + Parameters: TCO2, PC02, HCO3, Anion Gap, Anion Gap(K+)